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DC Private Day Tour

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DC Private Day Tour

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Discover Our Washington DC

With a professional guide and a luxury vehicle. Washington DC is an urban paradise that causes you to explore and experience layers of history. We will guide you through various attractions that speak of our rich past to inspire your present and future. We will let you enjoy plenty of time for memories and photos. Our private tour is simply Monumental!

Expert Guides

Join us on a journey through the beautiful, garden city of Washington D.C., as we visit some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and monuments.

Our tour begins at the Capitol Building, the home of the U.S. Congress. From there, we’ll head to the White House, also known as the “People’s House,” for a private, presidential view.

Next, we’ll visit the WWII Memorial, which honors the bravery and sacrifice of the “Greatest Generation.”

Finally, we’ll stop at the monument dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, our third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence. This Romanesque-style monument celebrates Jefferson’s contributions to the establishment of liberty and freedom in the United States.

These are just a few of the many sites you will explore in the federal city of Washington, DC!

Come along and learn more about the rich history of our nation on this unforgettable tour.

Contact us directly for individual tour tickets starting from $59/adult.[/vc_column_text]

  • Departure
    Any location in DC Metro area.
  • Departure Time
    Any, but we recommend between 9am and 1pm.
  • Return Time
    tour is about 3 hours
  • Dress Code
    Dress is casual. It's always a good idea to bring a sweater or jacket.
The White House
The “Peoples House”, where the head executive resides and makes presidential decisions.  Take a stroll with us by the most famous address in America: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW.
Lincoln Memorial
Designed to mirror the Parthenon in Athens, rise up the steps from the reflecting pool to gaze at our 16th president who helped end slavery and the War between the States. Honest Abe, the preserver of our republic, sits between two speeches in the temple of freedom.
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial
Situated along the Tidal Basin amongst the cherry blossom trees, the pioneer of the Civil Rights movement stares across the water to the author of the Declaration of Independence. A memorial dedicated to freedom, equality and justice for all people.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Names engraved into two black granite walls highlighting those brave men and women that were lost or missing in the Vietnam war. The “Wall That Heals” will help you reflect while you appreciate America’s heroic past.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
A presidential memorial that symbolizes the tragic debilitating condition of an iconic leader and the trying times that shaped America. FDR memorial is a massively spectacular walk through four terms of decisions, speeches and stoic statues.
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