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Thematic Tours

We make history monumental!

We understand that our guests prefer a more specialized experience of history. So Monumental Tours has created specific tours for different perspectives of history. Join us on a thematic tour where our guides weave a more focused view of history that will inspire and challenge you to learn more!

Faith Heritage Tour

Come on a trek that will highlight the sacred sites of Washington DC. We will help you explore and discover the faith-based heritage that has made America a refuge of religious liberty and tolerance for all that come to these shores. Monumental Tours will provide well-versed guides that can guide you to various stops such as The National Cathedral, The Museum of the Bible, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Presidential Tour

The Executive Office is the center of power in Washington D.C., so come with us to examine the history of power and diplomacy which has shaped our nation and the modern world.

Honor and Valor Tour (Military History)

Discover our rich history of bravery as we take you on a tour of America’s military history. Focusing on the extraordinary lives that have served and sacrificed to preserve our freedom will be the theme of this tour.

Black Heritage Tour

The storied history of black Americans is that of struggle, strength, and triumph. Washington DC is the center of this great history from the heroes of the past such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fredrick Douglas, and Mary McLeod Bethune. Monumental Tours will help guide you through this inspirational heritage.

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