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Monumental Moonlight Tour

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Monumental Moonlight Tour

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Let us introduce your private group to Our Nation’s Capital at its best time of the day: Twilight. See light illuminating our greatest monuments and memorials while you hear the best stories and narrations behind these Monumental works of art.

Discover Our Nation’s Capitol

With a professional guide and a luxury vehicle. Washington DC is an urban paradise that causes you to explore and experience layers of history. We will guide you through various attractions that speak of our rich past to inspire your present and future. We will let you enjoy plenty of time for memories and photos. Our private tour is simply Monumental!

Expert Guides

Welcome to our executive private tour of Washington D.C., the beautiful capital city that President George Washington envisioned in the late 1700s. As we journey through the moonlit streets, we will begin at the National Mall and make our way to the iconic Capitol Building. From there, we will visit the White House, also known as the “People’s House,” for a private, presidential view of power.

Next, we will stop at the WWII Memorial, which honors the courage of the “Greatest Generation” and serves as a tribute to their sacrifice and service. Our final stop on this tour is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, a Romanesque-style monument dedicated to the third president and the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, a document that outlined the liberty and freedoms we enjoy today.

These are just a few of the many sites you will explore in the federal city of Washington, DC!

We hope you enjoy this tour of our nation’s capital and the significant historical landmarks it has to offer.

Contact us directly for individual tour tickets starting from $58/adult.



  • Departure
    Any location in DC Metro area.
  • Departure Time
    We recommend any time after 6:30pm
  • Return Time
    Tour is about 3 hours
  • Dress Code
    Dress is casual. It's always a good idea to bring a sweater or jacket.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Gazing toward the White house, America’s original Renaissance statesman whose legacy is enclosed in a memorial resembling the Pantheon will inspire you to declare independence and appreciate our freedom. Light emanating through the marble columns, your visit will bask in the greatness that is TJ. 
US Capitol
The center of legislation perched atop Capitol Hill with lady freedom standing above the magnificent cast iron dome. The Senate and House meet together to serve the American people.
World War II memorial
The "greatest generation" shines amongst the National Mall as water and stone recognize the valor of those fallen and battles won. Illuminated springs go forth as we honor the armed forces and home front that led the world to victory against tyranny.
US Marines Memorial (Iwo Jima)
Uncommon valor is a common virtue for those how have fought valiantly from the shores of Tripoli to the halls of Montezuma. The US Marines memorial raises the flag to show that they are always "first in and last out."
Korean War Memorial
Stainless steel warriors march as one through a night watch to defend a "country they never knew and a people they never met" in the forgotten war. The Ko Korean War Memorial brings the public to the reality that "Freedom is not free."
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